Fractal C-curve

Taken from Logo test animation

Vectrex Logo C.E. SOLD OUT!

  • Classic turtle graphics commands
  • Unique glyph based programming notation
  • Unique joystick based command & parameter entry
  • Easy to use; write your own Vectrex logo programs!
  • Loops, Variables & Conditions support
  • Subroutines
  • Local variables and recursion!
  • Animaction style onboard RAM
  • Numerous editing options
  • Unlimited programs (1.1E70 permutations)
  • Great educational value!
  • Supports in excess of 400 drawn vectors per frame
  • Run time animation features
  • Temporary program load/save to RAM
  • Import/export of programs
  • Email compatible program dumps!
  • Unique in game serial numbers on first 80 Carts.
  • Reproduction GCE style classic packaging (shown)
  • Unique, genuinely useful tool palette overlay included
  • 16 page illustrated reference manual
  • Longevity; a game you will return to time and time again!
  • Due to onboard RAM, no emulator compatibility so cart only release
Program Listing!
Sierpinski Gasket
Fun Stars